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What people shop for online

by Barry on January 8, 2009

Here is a list of 10 things people often buy online according to Quality domains in these areas are always well worth looking for.

1. Cosmetics

I talked about lipstick in my last post and cosmetics in general often fall into the recession-proof category. Women tend to use cosmetics as a cheaper way to indulge themselves during hard times. Women in difficult financial times are often looking for part time/ second jobs and selling cosmetics is a popular choice.

Estee Lauder posted a 31 percent increase in profits this past year. Cosmetics giants Ulta and Avon saw double-digit sales jumps

2. Electronics

Laptops, cameras, satellite navigation systems, TVs are easily accessible on the web but there is great competition for customers. With the difficulties of Circuit City and Best Buy, the Internet may increase its share of the electronics market over the brick and mortar stores.

3. Contact lens

Sale of glasses and contact lenses are not tied to your eye exam though many opticians encourage you to buy from them. Buying online makes sense for contact lenses and especially if you are just reordering. With an increasing older population, age related vision problems will be on the increase.

4. Furniture

Furniture stores are often tied to home sales as a business. With home sales so low, many furniture stores will need to cut back on the number of stores or even close. Having a presence online has a lower overhead cost and so online furniture stores are more likely to weather the current hard financial times.

5. Clothing

Clothing is a highly competitive area both on the Internet and in the malls. The teen and pre-teen market are quite sensitive. Teen and children’s apparel retailers are likely to do the worst, with an estimated 11.1 percent decline in 2009. However people looking to supplement their income may look to sell clothing online.

6. Specialty clothing

The outlook may be brighter for specialty clothing such as outdoor or sportswear. Finding a niche to compete in requires careful research but people looking for odd sizes often resort to online searches.

7. Food

Supermarkets are now recognizing the demand from consumers for delivery or pick-up services. Searches for price comparisons, sales and coupons may increase in difficult economic times. Also people will look to save money by cooking at home instead of eating at restaurants. Specialty food items provide niche opportunities.

8. Dishes and cookware

Tied to the previous point, with more people eating at home, demand for dishes and cookware should increase. Cooking accessories and cookbooks may also benefit.

9. Car Parts

To save money, home car repairs may become more common. Oil changes and routine maintenance can be handled by the average motorist.

10. Books, DVDs, CDs

Home entertainment is likely to increase as people stay home and look for things to do. Sales of recorded music fell sharply in 2008, as consumers continued to migrate away from the CD format, large retailers reduced floor space for music and the recession dampened consumer spending during the critical year-end holiday shopping period.

The good news is that sales of digital music continued to rise steeply last year. Just over a billion songs were downloaded, a 27 percent increase from 2007

Because these areas have a lot of competition, careful research is needed before investing in domain names and before developing any domain names. The cost of good generic domains will be high because of the e-commerce potential of the domains.

One way to sell to end users may be to package a turnkey e-commerce website with the domain especially for those who may be looking to supplement their income due to recession.

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Ten things you should be buying online

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