Find expired domains for SEO : Feedback
October 13, 2020

Find expired domains for SEO : Feedback

By Barry

A little feedback on buying a domain to boost its SEO.


It is a technique that has been used for a few years; it has been in fashion for a shorter time. The purchase of expired domains is all the rage in the new SEO techniques. The principle is simple: you buy an expired domain that already has a good link profile and redirect it to your site or you create a single page site “and more if affinities”. The objective is to save time since you buy a domain name that already has a certain number of links. Then change for a free template with WDS for example.

I worked on the subject for a week. In other words, seven days multiplied by 8 hours, it’s starting to take a lot of reading and handling. I first started in free mode: Xenu, SeoTools for Excel, archive.web. But I quickly realised that I needed some paying tools to progress more quickly: adopundomain, 4xdomaining to find domains and especially Majestic SEO and domain study or to get advices from the Metadosi‘s SEO Experts.

First step xenu: find expired domains

Xenu Software to find expired domains
Xenu Software to find expired domains

Find expired domains Also, I started using the xenu software by searching for directories close to my theme, portals, blogs, etc. So far so good, we end up with a lot of files with many lines. An Excel or other treatment makes it possible to bring out the expired domains (when there are any). Xenu is like going fishing, you bring back things, but not always what you want.

Second step sorted with SeoTools for Excel basic version

sorted with SeoTools for Excel
sorted with SeoTools for Excel

This is where it gets tricky, after sorting under excel you have to check each area. PR, TF, CF link profile, etc. With the basic version of SeoTools for Excel, the information is not enough. Moreover, it crashes and it stalls: normal, you will say, it’s Excel. Maybe the use of a proxy would be a plus.

Third step Majestic SEO

find majestic-expired domains-seo-red-areas
find majestic-expired domains-seo-red-areas

I thought I could do without this tool, alas it is not possible unless you have centuries ahead of you and like to do handling. In the beginning, I checked each site one by one on Majestic SEO.
I ended up installing the Majestic SEO plug-in which gives me information in two jiffy.

For the link profile, a simple click and you have all the information you need. This plug-in allows you to have a first preview, in free mode it is blocked to a few searches.

Another method: connect Majestic SEO to SeoTools for Excel.

This solution also works if you opt for xenu and are already working on listings. Not necessary with a service such as adopteundomaine, 4xdomaining, which already provide information in their dashboards (information to be checked at adopteundomaine due to disparity).

An essential step to get an overview of the area. You will find that many domains have already been rinsed out by spam sites.

Using an adoptdomain service, 4xdomaining

Scanning hundreds of sites to find the right domain with XENU didn’t suit me. So I first looked for sites in the same spirit as adopundomiane or 4xdomaining in free version! There are some of them.

The problem with these free sites is that between the moment the domain expires and the moment you can buy it, it can take up to 45 days. Except making lists and coming back later, what I found in the free version did not suit me. Moreover, it is difficult to find a site on your theme with this type of tools. On this side the xenu is more practical.

My opinion on adopts a domain

adoptundomain to find an expired domain name
adoptundomain to find an expired domain name

I preferred this service to “4xdomaining” because the price was more than reasonable at least at first sight. Because if you don’t pay 99€ for the domains offered in the bronze pack, they are not fresh. However, searching by theme for the domain name by URLs is very practical. On the other hand, the site indications on TF and CT are not completely up to date. I have the impression that analyses the sites without the www and that we sometimes find ourselves with very big differences between what they advertise and Majestic SEO.

Too bad! But the service is nice and I think the price has dropped to 9€. I would like to point out that I was looking for expired domain names in a very specific theme. A priori, all the domains with big PR are already taken by those who have fresh information, in other words if you want big PageRank, take the gold pack at 99€ !

What happens next?

Once you have purchased the domains, you either redirect 301 or set up a new site on the same theme.
I preferred the latter solution and I don’t regret it since one of the domains I bought was back listed by Google.
I therefore created five websites on my theme with domains on the same theme. I don’t see the point of having anchored “shoe” links pointing to a site on heating systems. Except for short SEO.

Given that the domains purchased on my theme had not been renewed for more than six months, I knew that they had not attracted a phenomenal amount of traffic (I couldn’t find anything better on adopteundomaine, but it must be said that my niche is not the simplest). Of the five domains I renewed, one was penalised by Google. And even with all the checks in the world, it is very complicated to realize without having a good experience in domaining. It is enough that the domain is clogged, web.archives does not show it to you. After the experience does the rest!

To conclude: expired domain quality

This practice, in order to be carried out properly, requires a lot of time, money and energy. I advise against buying a domain and doing a 301 redirect directly on its main site. It is necessary to test the domain, recreate some pages to see if there is no problem in the webmasters tools. Redo some small links and if the site is positioned correctly, then you can place your links or do a 301 redirection.

Don’t expect to attract a lot of traffic. Unless you put the price, some domains sell for more than 700€ with monstrous PR. What makes the difference is the quality of the expired domain. Those like me who go fishing for estates by casting nets have no chance of finding a very big estate. On the other hand if you put the price, it is quite possible to see the site take off. Conclusion: this technique is to be used if you are looking to set up an already functional site network!

Some tools to find expired domain names if you want to try the adventure

Expired domain name list.

Majestic SEO
SeoTools for Excel

Source and other documents on expired domains

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List of services to find expired domain names (updated on 03/07/20)

PBN Premium (Affi link)
Serimp (Italian platform with .fr) (currently free)

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REGISTRAR: A registrar is a registrar of domain names. It is a company authorised by the competent authority to register and manage domain name registrations, for example: AFNIC, OVH and Gandi.
TRADE: Operation consisting of changing the domain name of the registrar and the holder.
PAGE RANK: (PR) web page ranking system used by Google to assign (obsolete: in the future, Google would probably no longer update the PageRank, at least the one in the toolbar)
DOMAIN AUTHORITY (Domain Authority): Notion used SEOMoz, as an alternative to “Google Page Rank”.
DOMAIN REFERENCES: Number of domains from which a backlink refers to a page or link.
BACKLINKS: A backlink is an external link pointing to a web page.
AHREFS RANK: Tool for giving the number of incoming links.
MAJESTIC CITATION FLOW: popularity index also Page Rank
MAJESTIC TRUST FLOW: one-page confidence index Also Topical Flow

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