January 22, 2009

What is a spam website according to Google ?

What is a spam website according to Google ? This is a second post analyzing a Google document from 2007 entitled “Google Guidelines For Quality Raters” which somehow found its way onto the Internet. In second half of this document, some common examples of spam websites are described. Understanding the signs of spam websites will help you avoid problems as you develop your websites. Webspam […]

December 21, 2008

Domain trademark disputes

Domain trademark disputes Do you worry about running into trademark disputes with your domains ? Here are some simple steps and resources to help you do some due diligence. While this process is not exhaustive, it should help you avoid the more obvious issues. Google is your friend Search your term in Google and if you see a business using the same name or a […]

October 16, 2008

Domain Aging – Fact or Fiction?

Domain Aging – Fact or Fiction? Domain age has been touted as a factor in the valuation of a domain but is this really true or is it a popular myth? I was reading a french domaining blog post La valorisation des noms de domaine – l’ancienneté. I struggled through with my schoolbook french and a rather unhelpful Babelfish but caught the gist of the post.I […]

March 29, 2008

How much is my domain worth?

How much is my domain worth? This is probably the most common question that new domainers have. They want to know if they have struck gold with their latest brainwave or at least a little more than it cost to register that domain. The bottom line Your domain is worth what someone will pay for it. Sounds annoyingly obvious and totally fails to answer the […]