Predictive domaining

Predictive domaining

Predictive domaining

If you are buying a domain as an investment (which is what predictive domaining is all about), then you want to maximize the value when your domain takes center stage. Development increases income and resale value.

Developing a domain provides many benefits.

Some SEO Agencies, like Metadosi in France, provide good Quality backlinks from earned media.

You get past the sandbox effect and honeymoon effect

The sandbox effect seems to be a search engine quirk that can affect new sites preventing them from ranking quickly. Some people feel this is due to the trust built up by aged sites whereas new sites do not have that yet. This doesn’t seem to happen with all domains.

The honeymoon affect also seems to be a quirk of the search engine algorithm which places new websites very high up in the search results for a short period of time. Then the website falls to a position more in keeping with its age and inbound links. This often results in claims of penalties from new website owners.

You develop inbound links

Over time, you will pick up some inbound links to your homepage naturally. They will usually have your domain name as the anchor text. You can further increase these links by marketing your website, exchanging links with relevant, on-topic websites or by getting listed in relevant, well-regarded directories e.g DMOZ, Yahoo

Your links are aged

Links that remain intact over extended periods of time tend to carry more weight with the search engines. The second effect of aged links is that the sites linking to you will hopefully have grown and will now pass significant traffic to your site.

You are ahead of the competition

While others are starting to develop their websites or creating new sections of their website to cover this topic, you are already there and can build to keep ahead of them. Furthermore, because you already have a presence, you may be seen as an authority in this topic.

You have desirable visitors

The visitors to your site are very attractive to advertisers because they are “pre-qualified” by the content of your website.

You get ranked for long tail keywords or phrases

Websites get significant traffic from less popular search terms e.g. “children’s soccer ball” as opposed to “ball”. Advertisers love this traffic even more because it is highly targeted and the visitor highly motivated.

You get more money for a developed website than a domain name

Developing domain names is a major turn-off for many potential buyers who are end-users. There is cost and effort involved if they do not know what they are doing.

No skills in html? No experience developing a website? No problem. I will have a new e-book out next month to take you through the steps without needing any prior experience.

Domainers objections to website development

Domainers often complain that developing websites on a lot of their domain names will require a lot of maintenance. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can build websites on a single code base and then do just a single maintenance update on the code base whenever necessary.

The second complaint is the effort of maintaining content. The trick is to use “evergreen” content. This content is relevant and never becomes outdated.

The third complaint is the effort and lack of knowledge or skill in generating content. The truth is that there are simple ways to outsource content generation that will not break the bank.

Website development is the future of domaining. Pre-qualifying visitors will be the key to getting top advertiser money. Even now, income can be significantly increased with relatively little effort.